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    (Best Cardioburst) Jumps: Split Cycle Squat Jumps #3349

    Listed by Aaron Yamaguchi MS, ATC, CSCS, USAW, USATF

    Exercise Name: (Best Cardioburst) Jumps: Split Cycle Squat Jumps #3349

    Primary Muscles:
    03/10 NEW EXERCISE

    Technical Difficulty:


    Training Benefit:

    Starting Position: Stand with the left foot in front of the right. The left leg should start almost fully extended. Brace the abdominals and hold throughout the set. Lower into a lunge by bending at both knees.

    : Explosively jump up by throwing the arms forward and upward and by pushing off with the left leg and the right calf. Jump straight up as high as possible. While in midair, switch the position of the legs. Land with the opposite (right) leg forward and lower into a lunge position. Repeat without pause.

    : High Level, Knee Precautions. Touch the ground before touching to objectively measure that you are going low enough. Or you may reach up with both hands as high as possible to utilize arm momentum and to objectively see how high you can jump.

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