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    (Best Chest) Push Ups: Prone, Wide, Smith Rack, Angle

    Exercise Name: Push Ups: Prone, Wide, Smith Rack, Angle

    Primary Muscles:

    Technical Difficulty:


    Training Benefit:

    Starting Position: Place the Smith Bar at the lowest position. (The lower the bar, the harder the intensity). Place both hands wide (both elbows bent to 90 degrees) with the thumbs pointing in. The middle of the palms should line up with the nipple line. Keep the body level throughout the set. Draw the abdominals into the spine. Lift the left leg a few inches above body level and hold throughout the set.

    : Extend the arms and press the body up, keeping it level. Lower the body as a level unit until the chest touches the Bar and repeat. After the set, repeat with the right leg.

    : Shoulder Precautions. If shoulder problems/pain exist, do not let the elbow(s) pass the level of the body. Keep the hand(s) in line with the midchest to focus on utilizing the chest musculature.

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