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We are a free bodybuilding, performance enhancement exercise database web site with 13,040+ Exercises, 1,290+ Exercise Videos and Exercise Guides.

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  •    Company Info
    Muscle Inferno was designed to bring the most, the best and the latest information in Health, Fitness, Sports Medicine and Performance Enhancement to you. The Muscle Inferno Team consists of medical and health professionals that have an interest in helping you to become better at whatever fitness level you are, whether it's a nagging injury, dropping your best time in an event or breaking world records. Muscle Inferno offers different personal training packages and consultations over the phone. Please email Aaron Yamaguchi at for further information.

    Muscle Inferno - Co-Director
    Aaron Yamaguchi has a Master's in Kinesiology and a Bachelor's in Exercise Science. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS of NSCA), a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC of NATA), a USA Level I Weight Lifting Coach and a USA Level I Track and Field Coach. Aaron is also certified in CPR and AED and also as a Red Cross Instructor in CPR, First Aid and AED.

    Aaron has trained and coached a multitude of clients/athletes in various sports and recreations. Aaron has worked with the University of Hawaii, NFL San Diego Chargers, OASIS Sports Medicine, Georgia Southern University, Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine, Tulane University, ECHL New Orleans Brass Hockey, Alabama A&M University and the Huntsville Hospital Sports Medicine and Wellness Center.

    Aaron specializes in developing challenging, innovative and creative programs and exercises for everyone. Aaron has worked with clients from injury prevention to performance enhancement and from decreasing body fat to increasing muscle mass.

    Muscle Inferno - Co-Director
    Regina Yamaguchi has a Bachelor's in Physical Therapy. Regina is a licensed Physical Therapist and certified in CPR and AED. She has worked with Sundance Rehab, Huntsville Hospital and Champion, Partners in Rehab.

    Regina specializes in rehabilitation, injury prevention and overall wellness. Regina has worked with clients and patients from injury prevention to rehabilitation to wellness.

    Aaron's and Regina's goal is to develop the largest exercise database for Health, Fitness, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement website to help everyone take their Wellness to a higher level.


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    Muscle Inferno - 13,000+ Exercise Database, Pictures and Videos - Weights, Fitness, Toning, Strength, Bodybuilding Lose Weight