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  •    Best Glut/Butt Exercises

    To firm up, defy gravity, bounce quarters, I recommend these Glut Exercises. Based on my experience with clients and through my research, these exercises will target and solidify your bottom line.

    Best Gluteals Exercises

    Gluteals Exercises with Weights

  • Deadlift: Dumbbell #13741
  • Deadlift: Stiff Legged, Dumbbell #13738
  • Lunge: Curtsy, Reverse #13743
  • Lunges: Backward off of Step, Below Neutral, Dumbbells #13600
  • Lunges: Walking, Dumbbells #13737
  • Squat: Barbell on Upper Back #13735
  • Squat: Pistol, Bench #13739
  • Squats: Bulgarian, Back Foot on a Step #13727
  • Step Up: High, Dumbbell #13740

    Gluteals Machine Exercises

  • Butt Blaster Machine #13728
  • Hip Abduction: Seated, Cybex #2841
  • Leg Press: Shoulder Width, Reclined #12170

    Gluteals Resistance Band/Tubing Exercises

  • Kickbacks: Resistance Band, Quadruped Position #13730
  • Lateral Squat Walks: Superband #13732

    Gluteals Plyometric Exercises

  • Split Squat Jumps: Speed/Power Rep #13733

    Gluteals Ankle Weight Exercise

  • Bridge: One Leg on Step #13736
  • Bridge: Upper Back on Physioball, Dumbbell on Hips #13835
  • Clams/Hip External Rotation: Ankle Weight, Quadruped Position #13731
  • Hip Extension: Prone on Inclined Bench #13742
  • Kickbacks: Ankle Weight, Quadruped #13729

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